CC WiFi Radio: Product Highlights

C Crane’s CC WiFi radio is the best device for people who do not wish to spend a lot of money, but still, want to get high-quality internet radio. This WiFi Radio might not come with many of the latest features. However, the CC WiFi is quite portable and it does a good job of connecting about 12,000 or more international radio stations. At this price range, you will not be able to find a better option in the market.

Majority of the people love to listen to a very clear transmission when they use an online radio. An Internet radio always aims at getting the stations to sound as perfect as possible no matter where you are and how far away the device is. This little device from C Crane helps you get access to iHeart, Pandora, and many other music services and not to forget, even your favorite talk shows. The internet ratio lets you discover something new every single day as the music library over the Internet is huge and covers music from every part of the world. 

As a user, you will be able to get about 100 times extra news and music because of the grand selection of about 16000 or more stations on the CC Wi-Fi. For instance, if you want to listen to Jazz or Classical music, there are about 500+ stations for you to select from. If you have a high-speed internet anywhere, this CC WiFi radio can get access to it. It also includes 99 presets which allows you to store your own favorites.

When it comes to the quality of the audio, you cannot expect a huge sound especially taking into consideration the small size of this CC WiFi Radio. This device is perfect for casual listening. If you feel that you require a device that is more refined, this device can be effortlessly connected to a much more powerful stereo system. The package also includes a remote control as C Crane has decided to improve the level of control for this CC Wi-Fi radio. The searchability is pretty good and locating interesting Internet stations is simple and easy.

The CC WiFi is a well-performing device. It offers an Internet radio experience which is highly enjoyable. The radio is very compact, reliable and has few good functions which are useful such as the clock which comes with 5 alarm settings and also, a sleep timer, which are very useful. If you want to listen to all your favorite Internet radio stations, the CC WiFi Radio is recommended for those who want a cost-effective WiFi radio.

Product Highlights:
It has about 16,000 available stations
It offers 99 presets
It comes with a Remote control
An Ethernet input jack is available
Search option includes a search by location, genre or calls letters
It also allows UPnP music streaming
It is cost-effective

So, if you have a good Internet connection and want to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations, then listening to what others want you to listen to, then the CC WiFi Radio is the perfect buy for you.